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Every day you stumble out of the bed into the shower, turning on the water and waiting for it to warm up. Likely you spend little time thinking about the process of this daily ritual. Yet, the one morning when you turn on the water and nothing happens, you are suddenly acutely aware of your home's plumbing.

Plumbing is something homeowners like to ignore, until there is a problem. However, many plumbing problems have clear signs long before they turn into an emergency. To make the most of your home's plumbing, contact your Annapolis plumbing professionals at Perfect Plumbing when you notice one of these four common problems.

Constant Drips

Constant drips are not something to ignore. Yes, they don't impact your day-to-day life, but the fact is that they are causing water to be wasted. That's just like sending money down the drain. Often, fixing a leaky faucet does not require the help of your local Annapolis plumbers, but if you have done your best prevention and are still having a problem with a drip, it's time to call Perfect Plumbing.

Slow-Moving Drains

Drains are supposed to move water quickly. If your drain doesn't seem to be working right, or seems to be moving slowly, you likely have something blocking the path. Ignoring this problem could leave you with a backed up drain that causes expensive damage to your home. Instead, contact an Annapolis plumbing professional for help when you start to notice the drain is moving slowly.

You can tackle slow-moving drains with chemicals designed to clear drains of blockages. However, these chemicals are very harsh, and regular use of them can cause damage to the drainage system. Calling a professional ensures that the drains are cleared without potential damage or toxic chemicals in your house.

Leaking Water

Leaks are more serious than you think. In addition to the damage that they can cause to the structure of your home by causing the water to get damp, they can also provide a breeding ground for toxic mold. Also, leaks almost always get bigger with time, so eventually your entire system could be compromised.

Running Toilets

Your toilet should not be running constantly. If it is, then you have a costly problem, because that water is costing you money on your utility bills. By calling us at Perfect Plumbing can ensure that your toilet stops running and costing you this money.

Fast, Friendly Service

No matter which of these common plumbing problems you are facing, when you call Perfect Plumbing, your Annapolis plumbing service, you will receive fast, friendly service. Our uniformed plumbers will come in marked, fully-stocked vehicles to attend to your plumbing concern quickly, before it has a chance to escalate. Call today to get your plumbing problem fixed quickly by the professional Annapolis plumbers with Perfect Plumbing.